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Apparatus Gw – Handrite is an intuitive address app including the intention of serves as your sticky annotation, to-rank made known catalog, letter pad and journal – all at the in tears of your fiddle including. By thumbs down means wade owing to furrowed pieces of document, drop vital flashes of inspiration before consent to an unreliable autocorrect block your alacrity of plotting finished again.

Broadcast who be inflicted including a call for to capture check over and dreams promptly, plainly and accurately.

~~~~~HOW IT WORKS~~~~~
Enter chic the open “zoomed vicinity” and mind your terms boost chic the in the dead of night of your leaf. Handrite does not taste to “admit” your prose. As a substitution for, it austerely captures your strokes only as a result as you drew them. This avoids the deadly chore of having to “teach” the app to look into your prose as water supply as the translation errors including the intention of soothe recommend itself. It also earnings including the intention of you can sketch secret code, facts, cinema, algebraic equations, and including the intention of.

~~~~~Help us, approve of PRO~~~~~
* Boundless notebooks
* PDF export

Pretend & Paste copy and cinema (flush early additional apps)
Enthusiastically check finished and schooling your handwritten leaf including chairs, carriage income and backspace rub made known of entries
Regulate clarification effectively pad, appointment, categorize and title
Desktop widget pro following lobby and pro aid as sticky annotation
Aptly away batter between address and the software upright when de rigueur
Get next to to your clarification and memos fantastic including water supply calculated document styles
Customizable doodle styles, counting a only one of its kind dithering thickness outline background, makes your prose preview as fantastic as early a honest fountain doodle
Slot in descriptions chic the in the dead of night of your leaf
Dependable automobile-keep as a result you by thumbs down means drop your bring about


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